Turtle Jump: The Blog

Many of you already know of Turtle Jump, the video game podcast of your heart, and ours. Recently, said podcast published its 50th episode. We hope to see fifty more, and fifty more after that. However, today I am here to announce a new endeavor. With the milestone of fifty episodes, it is time that we expand our territories to the realm of the written word. Turtle Jump: The Blog is the next step in the Turtle Jump franchise of gaming media.

The blog is intended to complement the content of the podcast. Where the back-and-forth format of the show presents a diversity of opinions that play off each other, the blog will allow each of us to explore our thoughts in more depth. Perhaps a topic gets only a cursory mention in the half hour of a typical episode. A blog post may dive deeper into that topic and provide a more focused look at an idea. Our goal is that the blog pairs well with the podcast just as a fine cheese pairs well with a gourmet cracker.

Some aspects of the blog are still under construction. The current design is not final, and it is likely to change in small increments as I learn how to WordPress. We welcome your feedback! As always, you can contact us on twitter through @TurtleJumpShow. Letters for the podcast can be directed to letters (at) turtlejump.com. Finally, our blog features a comment section, and we would love to see some good discussion there. I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of this new step in Turtle Jump history.


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