#99 | D&D: The Five Bells

Hi! And Welcome to Turtle Jump, the video game podcast of your
hearts, and ours! This week, we jump right back into our Dungeons
and Dragons adventure in Branshire. We both love D&D, and we
hope that you enjoy listening to our adventures in this fantasy

What happened to Laylea? Will Saul be able to defeat the mighty
Kyorg in a test of skills? And what of that wounded Bandit that
escaped the crime scene on Circle Street? All this and more on this
week’s episode of Turtle Jump!

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#98 | D&D: Welcome to Branshire

Hi! And Welcome, to the Gaming Podcast of your hearts, and ours! This week on Turtle Jump, we’re bringing you a very special presentation of Dungeons and Dragons! Paul has put together a short campaign, using 5th Edition D&D. John Paul and Allen as they play the infamous RPG with friends Justin, Jeremy, and Jeffrey! This is just the first of many more to come this year!

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#97 | Tom Clancy’s The Division

Last month Ubisoft released their latest game, one with an odd association with math. In particular, they focused on one arithmetic operation: division. Yes, Tom Clancy’s The Division is the focus of this episode. We discuss the latest open world MMO with RPG conceits realistic military-esque shooter game. 


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