#130 | D&D: The Trials of Relvis

Hi! And welcome BACK to Turtle Jump, the Gaming podcast of your heart, and ours. We are coming in hot and fast, with more of our D&D campaign set in the town of Branshire. Things really heat up this week as Saul, Brackle, Kyorg, and Kairon find themselves in a very precarious position under the hand of the mysterious lord of Silvondale, Relvis. Can the group make it out of these trials in one piece?

Missed out on the start of this D&D adventure? Check out the first half of this series in these episodes of Turtle Jump:

#98 Welcome to Branshire, #99 The Five Bells, #103 I’m Not on Board with the Pomp, #112 The Chase, #118 The Fight, and #123 The Dash for Silvondale.

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Big thanks for allowing us to use these effects:

“Epic Battle Music” by Grzegorz Majcherczyk

“There Be Dragons” from Tabletop Audio (www.tabletopaudio.com)

“Hidden Past” and “Crossing the Chasm” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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